Could you use an IT grant to help boost your business?

How the Business Gateway Fife IT support scheme can work for you 

If you’re based in Fife and you do business with other businesses then you can apply for an IT grant of up to £800 from Business Gateway Fife under its Expert Help scheme.
You are also eligible for an Expert Help consultancy session, which can cover any IT issue or challenge you are facing, including:
  • A general independent IT assessment or review
  • Investigating the market for the best solution for your business challenges e.g. CRM (client relationship management) systems, integration, migration to the cloud, communications, or bespoke software
  • Upgrading infrastructure, or starting afresh with scalable IT solutions.
  • Resolving other business-critical IT issues.

Do it now! 

Funding for business support projects is time-limited and often over-subscribed. But this grant is available right now for your company to get help with IT projects.
It’s also vital for your business to stay ahead of IT trends. Exploring what is possible for your business now, while there is support available, can make all the difference to pushing your business ahead.
If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about the IT grant, get in touch. Drop me a line at or call 01383 722 225.