Law Society appeals for help to publish guides for new parents

The Law Society of Scotland is appealing for help from solicitors and other legal professionals to help shape back-to-work guides for new parents and their bosses.
It’s urging people to share their positive experiences – as new parents returning to work (no matter how long ago it was), line managers, or those covering maternity leave posts – via an online survey.
The guides are to be produced by The Talent Keeper Specialists and designed to aide a smooth transition back to work for people returning after maternity, shared-parental or adoption leave and their line managers.
The Law Society is welcoming comment on any or all of the following themes:
  • How to ensure a smooth handover to and from your cover
  • How to ask for and make the most of Keep In Touch (KIT) days
  • How to pitch for flexible working
  • How to renegotiate your role
  • How to set yourself up for a great return
  • How to reignite your confidence
  • How to ensure a strong first 90 days back in role
  • How to draw boundaries between work and home
  • How to get on the right people’s radar and get ahead when you’re back
  • How to signal the desire and get on the partner track
  • How to make a positive start to combining fatherhood and career
  • Best practices for managing maternity leave for line managers
Janet Hood, convener of the Law Society’s Equality and Diversity Committee, said: “Over the past decade we have heard both horror stories and enlightening stories about women’s experiences when returning to work after maternity leave.
“But becoming a new parent and returning to work does not only affect new mums – new dads too have to make the transition to being a working-father and line managers need to play a big role in supporting those on leave and managing their experience as they return to work.
“That’s why we thought it was imperative to produce these guides for new mums, dads and their line managers too. We hope solicitors, paralegals and others will share their positive experiences with us in order to help others.”
Contribute to the survey here until August 26.
The 12 new guides will form part of the Law Society’s work on equality in the legal profession.
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