Ten reasons to consider a virtual office

Virtual offices are a great solution for freelancers, sole traders and low-risk start-up companies and can really help to get your business off the ground.
  • A virtual office can help you to create the right first impression. Having a professional answer your calls is much better than one of the kids rushing to answer the phone. Your chosen business centre will handle your calls and administration professionally – and at a relatively low cost. In fact, it’s a great way of creating the right impression and business identity in the all-important early days while cutting down on travelling and other expenses.
  • You’ll have all the latest IT and telecoms at your fingertips without having to splash out on state-of-the-art handsets and answer machines for your home office.
  • A remote receptionist can answer and direct calls for you regardless of where you are in the world. You can have a virtual office in Dunfermline but be based in London – which can be an advantage when you’re trying to tap into other markets.
  • The address of your virtual office – at Comely Park Business Centre, for example – is likely to be more prestigious than your workshop or studio flat, from which you write, design or develop. Your business mail can even be directed to the virtual office and forwarded onto your own address without clients ever needing to know where you actually live.
  • With minimal overheads, you can focus on increasing turnover and actually making money rather than just breaking even by the time you shell out on a lease, equipment hire and an assistant to answer the phones.
  • Your virtual office provider is likely to have meeting rooms available to hire by the hour, as well as hotdesking, should you need to meet, greet and entertain a client or escape the house for a few hours.
  • The business centre is also likely to host its own networking and other events and is potentially a great way to meet its other clients and generate leads and connections in the area.
  • You may find that you’re company can receive a bit of free promotion via shared publicity set up by the business centre or its stakeholders.
  • The business centre is also likely to recommend you and your services to other clients and enquirers.
  • A virtual office can save you huge amounts of time by answering your calls, taking messages and emailing them to you to deal with as and when you see fit.
For information on the virtual office packages available from Comely Park Business Centre, contact centre manager Elaine Stevenson on 01383 629899, or at info@comelypark.com

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