Scotland ranked third most desirable residential location in UK

Scotland has been ranked third in a study of where people would most like to live in the UK.
Scottish residents were also revealed as being the most loyal, with 83% citing Scotland as their preferred place to live in the poll carried out as part of Beagle Street’s ‘Happy Homes’ research.
Of the 11 governmental regions on offer, Scotland was cited as the most appealing for the following main reasons:
Green spaces (with 54% choosing this as a priority)
Low crime level (39%)
Health services (39%)
Nearly a quarter (22%) of those polled who are living in Scotland said they “would never move away” from their local area.
Scotland beat London to third place as the area that the 4,000 respondents would most like to live in with 11% of the vote, compared with the capital’s 9%.
 Top 10 desired places to live by Brits:
  1. South West        20%
  2. South East          13%
  3. Scotland 11%
  4. London 9%
  5. Yorkshire and the Humber           9%
  6. North West        8%
  7. Wales                  5%
  8. East of England 5%
  9. North East           4%
  10. West Midlands  3%
  11. East Midlands    2%
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