Struggling oil and gas sector turns to water cost savings

Thames Water Commercial Services (TWCS) says turbulence within the oil industry has led to an increasing number of Aberdeen energy firms looking for innovative ways to cut costs.
The Edinburgh-based company says it’s receiving an increasing number of enquiries from oil and gas firms in the area as they look to make savings on water costs.
With the Scottish water retail market only recently being opened up to competition, TWCS says many companies are still unaware that they can choose their water supplier and ultimately make savings.
Alan Munro, head of TWCS in Scotland, said: “It’s really just common sense that when a business goes through a difficult time, it begins to look to save money from places it hasn’t previously considered before. Water has become one of these.
“On average we can save businesses between 10-15% on their bill every year. Some firms in the North East spend six or even seven figure sums on their annual water bills, therefore this is a potential saving that is worth investigating. One recent enquiry has resulted in potential savings in excess of £30,000 per annum being identified.”
“When any business switches to us we immediately look at how we can help cut down its consumption, which quite often leads to even greater savings than the initial discount and is great in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility for that business.
“From day one our team will work collaboratively with the business to develop a water management strategy, review end to end processes, and introduce new technologies to help monitor consumption – all of which can help significantly reduce costs.
“Staff engagement is also key to the success of any water management strategy therefore we work closely with employees across the business to eliminate wasteful practices and help develop an awareness and understanding of the role that they have to play.”
Since its launch in 2013, TWCS says it has attracted more than 150 business customers from a wide variety of sectors including finance, leisure, commercial and retail sectors – enjoying average savings of between 10-15% on their annual water spend through switching supplier, with some clients saving as much as 20%.
Since 2008, when the retail market was opened to competition in Scotland, around 130,000 non-household customers have been able to choose who can supply their water and wastewater services. England will see a similar competitive water retail market opening in 2017.
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