Edinburgh workers among UK’s “most generous”

Edinburgh has been revealed as one of the most generous cities in the UK when it comes to charitable giving.
More than 50% of people in the capital have donated money to emergency appeals, such as the Nepal earthquake, compared to other cities including Brighton, whose population only gave 35% for similar causes.
The findings are courtesy of the Attitudes to International Aid Survey carried out by Bond – the UK membership body for international development organisations – whose VW Camper Van Summer Bus Tour is set to roll into the Edinburgh Mela on August 29 and 30 in a bid to find the most charitable people in the UK.
SNP MP for Edinburgh East Tommy Sheppard and Sarah Boyack, Labour MSP for Lothian, will be at the bus this weekend to talk to people about international aid and the role the UK plays around the world to support people living in poverty.
Bond CEO Ben Jackson said: “We are really pleased to be launching the Bond 10 Day Summer Tour in Edinburgh to celebrate the role we play in helping others around the world despite fierce criticism from people who question the UK’s aid commitment.  It is a great opportunity to talk to people here, which our survey found to be one of the most generous places in the UK.  And where better to do that than at Scotland’s biggest world music and dance festival.
“2015 is an important and historic year, as the world looks back over the past 15 years of progress made to overcome poverty, and looks forward to the next 15 years on how we tackle poverty, inequality and climate change.  These global goals (Sustainable Development Goals) are just as important for the UK as it is for other countries.”
Bond’s Attitudes to International Aid Survey also found that people in Scotland were also the most generous when it came to the UK’s role to help the poorest people in the world.  Of more than 2,260 adults surveyed across the UK, more than two thirds of people in Scotland said it was important that the UK keeps its promises to help people particularly in emergencies. There are also more ethical shoppers in Edinburgh with over a third of people in the city saying they would buy and boycott products for environmental, ethical or political reasons compared to just 14% of people in Cardiff.
The survey was commissioned during 2015 to also mark the European Year of Development 2015 which highlights the results the European Union and member countries – including the UK – have achieved to date in tackling global poverty.
The UK is Europe’s top overseas donor according to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operations  and Development (OECD).
The Bond Bus is also part of the global campaign action2015 which involves over 1950 organisations around the world, all committed to fighting for a better future for people and the planet.





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