International payments costing businesses 90% too much

Business professionals and investors who regularly make international money transfers are being warned that they could be losing tens of thousands of pounds each year in hidden fees.
The caution comes from international payment specialist, which says that hidden transfer fees and poor exchange rates could cost businesses up to 90% more than it should when making international payments.
According to co-founder and CEO Daniel Abrahams, it pays to protect your bottom line when paying overseas suppliers, buying overseas property or have recently become an expat.
Abrahams said: “It pays to shop around. That’s why our marketplace lets you compare multiple live quotes and book money transfers – saving you up to 90% in hidden bank fees, as well as the time and hassle of calling different currency brokers for the best deal.
“Our online platform provides live quotes on more than 40 different currencies, saves you up to £5,000 on every £10,000 you transfer abroad and compare multiple quotes from FCA-regulated suppliers.”
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