Bumper year for Scottish start-ups, with Fife leading the charge

So far, 2015 has been a bumper year for Scottish start-ups – with July proving particularly lucrative.
Not only did the number of new companies being set up increase by more than 7% since 2014 for the 30-day period ending 31 July, but Fife has been leading the charge with an increase of 27% for the same period.
Nationally, the total registry for Scotland increased 5% to 188,806 for the month of July and modest yet steady increases have been continuing to trend for much of the 2015 calendar year.
The good news is that little change is anticipated for the rest of the year as Scotland continues to show economic growth and a keen interest in helping new businesses develop.
The growing food and drink and tourism sectors in Scotland are particularly strong this year, with a number of new registered companies, such as Babbling Beverage Brewing Ltd in St Andrews, being set up in the KY postcode area.
We’re also seeing more charitable organisations, such as community interest company Horses4help, being set up.
Below we have selected a few new companies at random to highlight the diversity of new business in Scotland.

20150924 Week of 7 September KY Fife Postcodes

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