Cyber Crime: Threats, Consequences and Counter Measures

Businesses in Fife are being urged to sign up for a free cyber crime prevention workshop on November 9 as part of Fife Business Week.
They’re encouraged to register for the Business Gateway Fife event – to be hosted by security expert Wynn Jones of Dunfermline-based Praetorian Security – to find out how to better protect themselves against online threats.
The workshop follows the recent Talk Talk hacking incident, in which thousands of customers’ data was put at risk and some of their bank accounts emptied.
“With daily headlines about cyber attacks on business, no one should feel their business is safe,” says Jones.
“There are many myths surrounding the issue of cyber crimes, with most SMEs believing that hackers are only interested in credit card details and attacks on big corporations.
“All companies are vulnerable, but understanding the mindset of hackers can highlight where the weaknesses are in your business.”
It’s thought that more than 30,000 websites are hacked every day.
But, according to Business Gateway Fife, understanding the tactics used by hackers and what they are after means that companies can identify what they need to do to protect themselves better.
Jones will provide practical advice and information at the free workshop in Glenrothes on the first day of Fife Business Week.
“Precautions don’t have to be expensive either and there will be suggestions and advice for companies to take away with them.” adds Jones.
To reserve a free place on Cyber Crime: Threats, Consequences and Counter Measures, contact Craig Rutherford on 01592 858333 or at
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