Firm reveals Scotland’s most lucrative industries for 2016

The food & drink, water & utilities, and semi-conductor, electronics & optoelectronics industries are being hailed as the most lucrative for the Scottish economy next year

Scotland has seen a surge in recruitment across three of its growing sectors in a trend that looks set to continue well into 2016, according to Edinburgh-based consultancy Edgar Stewart.
There has been high demand for both candidates and jobs across its food & drink, water & utilities, and semi-conductor, electronics and optoelectronics industries since October 2015, according to the recruitment firm, which says this shows no signs of slowing.
According to Director Bruce Hydes, these three industries are the ones to watch and could well be the most lucrative for the Scottish economy next year.
Bruce Hydes,Edgar Stewart
Bruce Hydes,Edgar Stewart
He said: “It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a surge in new roles being created in Scotland’s burgeoning food & drink sector, which is an area that’s particularly benefited from public spending and investment in what has been the Year of Food & Drink. The Year of Food & Drink Growth Fund from VisitScotland is an excellent example.
“It goes without saying that this is good news for the Scottish economy, but it’s a trend we’ve also seen extend south of the border.
“It’s certainly a sign of the times now that consumers are looking to buy more locally, organically and from independent and artisan producers.
“The water and utilities trend is interesting too and perhaps no surprise when you take into account some of Scotland’s key policy changes over the last five years.
“There is a much larger focus on energy saving and consumption and, of course, since retail competition was introduced to the Scottish water market in 2008, water suppliers have really come to the fore and, in turn, will have been looking to expand as they secure more lucrative contracts.
“When it comes to the latter involving electronics, naturally – with advances in digital technology – the sky’s the limit.
“We certainly see no signs of this growth abating in 2016 and can only echo Manpower’s recent findings that Scottish companies – and indeed the ones we’ve just mentioned – are certainly ramping up their recruitment plans.”

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