Council pledges to support Fife firms through HGV Bridge closure

Fife Council says it will continue to support businesses following the recent Forth Road Bridge closure and continued closure to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).
Cllr Lesley Laird, depute leader and executive spokesperson Economy and Planning, Fife Council, said: “I would like to thank Fife firms and their employees for their support and resilience throughout the extended bridge closure and ongoing delays of access for HGVs. People made huge efforts to get to work on time and to keep businesses running during this period, and did so with amazing patience and understanding.
“The Council successfully worked to agree to allow Light Good Vehicles (LGVs) on the bridge to reduce congestion on the Kincardine routes and expedite journeys.”
Eric Byiers, chief executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, said: “We continue to review the progress of bridge repairs, and we are working closely with Fife Council, Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government to resolve ongoing issues around HGV access and gain confirmation of the date when HGVs will once again have bridge access.
“We are also keeping a close watch on the business impact for road haulage and companies in Fife who have their own fleet, and want to ensure ongoing support to the Fife supply chain. In turn, we’re keen for companies affected to keep us informed about how the bridge closure has affected their business and what can be done to assist them further.”
Cllr Laird added: “At Fife Council we want to ensure that we reflect the needs of business and secure a sustainable supply chain for Fife. That’s why we will be looking to review the events of recent weeks across the Fife Partnership and also look to work with Transport Scotland to ensure that this experience can improve contingency planning across the various agencies.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the fast and effective action by Fife Council’s staff, who tirelessly worked around the clock to implement emergency plans, support businesses and minimise disruption pre-Christmas.
“We are committed to maintaining business confidence, and will be reviewing Council contingency plans following the sudden bridge closure and will be discussing this with Transport Scotland. This is to ensure that lessons are learnt in terms of existing and future Forth crossings, as well as vital infrastructure routes elsewhere in Fife.”
Fife Council says it’s committed to making the Kingdom the best place to do business.
It has set up an online survey group to find out what business customers have to say about the services the Council provides for companies in Fife and how these services can be improved.
Have your say by registering with Fife Business Voice. 
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