CEOs to focus on reducing risk in 2016

In 2016 CEOs will be focusing on reducing risk through process and cost improvements, according to a new report published by the Conference Board.
The CEO Challenge report highlights six areas that business leaders will concentrate on in the year ahead. Strengthening internal compliance processes and improving organisational agility are high on the list, and will help organisations ensure their governance approaches are effective.
The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) supports this approach, as it integrates the knowledge and skills of quality professionals into the wider business.
Vince Desmond, CQI acting chief executive, explained: “Organisations need to know that quality, compliance and assurance professionals don’t simply tick the compliance box, but can translate management intent into reality – they need qualified CQPs (Chartered Quality Professionals) supporting leadership to drive the right corporate behaviors and a culture of evaluation and improvement.”
But quality professionals also have to step up by ensuring they understand the needs of a business and communicate the contribution of quality more effectively.
Keith Collett, CEO at Nuvia explains how to be effective when talking at board level: “It’s essential to be able to translate requirements into something meaningful and relevant to the business. People who get my attention are those who demonstrate that they know our business and are able to relate their area of expertise to that of our executive team.”
As the only chartered professional body dedicated to quality and its practitioners, the CQI is offering a series of masterclasses that will help quality professionals build an exceptional quality strategy for businesses.
Working in partnership with Oakland Consulting the classes will help individuals to advance the way quality is perceived, managed and delivered in organisations to improve performance.
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