Fife lifestyle firms on the rise

The number of lifestyle businesses operating in Fife could be on the rise, according to a Dunfermline business centre, which says it has seen an increase in the take-up of virtual offices in this area.
There are also a significant number of health and wellbeing-related firms realising the benefits of virtual offices, says Comely Park Business Centre, which has recently welcomed a number of new clients onto its  books.
Centre manager Elaine Stevenson has signed up a number of new clients in this area this year already – including those working in healthcare, hypnosis and coaching.
She said: “We’re definitely seeing a lot more holistic, alternative health and therapies-based businesses realising the benefits of virtual offices, as well as true lifestyle businesses, whose operations fit in around their daily personal commitments.
“Virtual offices are perfect for these types of business and, in-keeping with their often natural and holistic approach, are more environmentally friendly too. It means fewer people travelling in cars, buses and trains to get to work and therefore less fuel emissions, for example.
“Of course, there is always a trend towards wellbeing at the start of the year but, as more and more companies and individuals recognise the need for workplace wellness, we believe these lifestyle-based and lifestyle-focused businesses are here to stay.
“Another growing sector for us when it comes to virtual offices is training. We have had a lot of enquiries from training companies – particularly those which visit individual workplaces and have no need for office overheads of their own.
“Other benefits for them include increased productivity – thanks to less time commuting – and the ability to focus solely on getting out and about and meeting clients without worrying who’s going to answer their calls.”
As well as virtual office packages, Comely Park Business Centre offers serviced office suites, meeting rooms and hotdesking – all with video conferencing availability.
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