Fastest selling used car in Edinburgh is BMW 3 Series

The fastest-selling used car in Edinburgh has been revealed and it’s the BMW 3 Series.
The BMW 3 Series at an average price of £18,274 and average age of 42 months old has been confirmed as the city’s top selling used car in the last month by motor trade publisher Glass’s. In fact, it has been flying off the forecourts in an average of 24 days.
Rupert Pontin, Glass’s head of Valuations, said: “Superb quality and a premium image mark the 3 Series out in the crowd and that is why they can it holds such high appeal. Being a great drive also helps complete the image and these are super cars to own, benefitting from low depreciation too.
“It’s interesting to contrast with the high status and ability of the 3 Series, the bestseller in Edinburgh, with the fun and funky Fiat 500 that tops the list in Birmingham or the unpretentious Vauxhall Astra that is the most popular in Leeds.”
Nationally, the overall bestseller is the Dacia Sandero Stepway, taking 27 days to sell at a price of £8,346 and an average of 12 months old.
The complete regional results are:
London: Nissan Qashqai
Birmingham: Fiat 500
Manchester: Skoda Octavia
Leeds: Vauxhall Astra
Newcastle upon Tyne: Ford Fiesta
Bristol: Volkswagen Polo
Cardiff: Honda Civic
Glasgow: Vauxhall Antara
Edinburgh: BMW 3 Series
Nottingham: Ford Mondeo
Liverpool: BMW 3 Series
Norwich: Volkswagen Golf
Exeter: Nissan Qashqai
Southampton: Mercedes C Class
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