Retaining international talent key for economic success

Retaining international talent in Scotland should be a priority for a ‘Common Economic Platform’, says the SCDI in response to the Cross Party Steering Group’s Post Study Work report published last week.
Chief executive Ross Martin said: “With the Scottish and UK Governments increasingly sharing responsibilities for economic levers in Scotland, they should develop a common economic platform in key areas, such as our working age population, and the reintroduction of a post study work route – as agreed by the Smith Commission – should be a priority for this agenda.
“The quality of Scotland’s educational institutions attracts highly-talented young people from around the world, and encouraging and enabling more of them to develop their talents in Scottish businesses will certainly increase growth in productivity, innovation and internationalisation – our key economic challenges – which will benefit us all.
“As the global economy is transformed at an accelerating rate by a Fourth Industrial Revolution of emerging technologies, Scottish businesses need to be able to recruit key skills to compete successfully and we know that they greatly value people who are outward-looking and have the ability to work well with people from other parts of the world.”
In its recently published report ‘From Fragile to Agile: A Blueprint for Growth & Prosperity’, SCDI highlighted welcoming and retaining international talent as a key recommendation for internationalisation of the Scottish economy, including the reinstatement of Post Study Work Visas for international graduates in Scotland.
SCDI proposed that: “A plan to maximise the benefits of international students across the economy should be developed, with programmes to link them with businesses on a project/internship basis and school/ undergraduate students for cross-cultural exchange, attracting friends and families to visit Scotland, and develop stronger alumni links as ambassadors for Scotland and its products.”

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