B2B Water Appeal launches on World Water Day 2016

Can’t live without social media? Be thankful you have water!

There are more than 30,000 Twitter posts sent every minute and, in that minute, at least three children will die.
Why? Because even in this digital age, there are still 768 million people without clean, safe drinking water or proper sanitation.
While Twitter celebrates its 10th successful year, this milestone is one millions of children around the world will never see.
In fact, many of them won’t even make it to their first birthday.
Three children die every minute from drinking dirty water contaminated with human and animal waste.

B2B Water Appeal 

Today, on World Water Day, Scotland B2B has launched the B2B Water Appeal to address exactly that.
We’ll be working closely with charities and humanitarian organisations in the UK to help raise vital funds to help change futures and build lives.
All we ask is if you, our B2B readers, might be able to spare a little cash to support our campaign by making a donation and, better still, share the campaign on social media?
We’re so good at tweeting, let’s use it to change what’s otherwise a bleak landscape for millions of people in the big, wide world never mind the world wide web.
And, if we can afford to boost a Facebook post for £11, can’t we repurpose that £11 and put it towards building a well?
Let’s be businesses proud to back the basics.
Keep an eye out for updates and don’t forget to donate and share!
Thanks in advance for your support.

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