Last call to register for The Content Marketing Academy 2016

The countdown is on to The Content Marketing Academy 2016, Scotland’s only annual content marketing conference, which looks set to be even bigger and better than last year

There’s just over a week left to register for The Content Marketing Academy (TCMA) 2016, which is being held at The Hub in Edinburgh on 2 and 3 June.
Here, founder and Fife-based content marketing expert Chris Marr explains what TCMA is all about and why content marketing is the future.
Marr says: “TCMA is all about content marketing and business growth. It’s about showcasing content marketing and, in some respects, ‘selling’ the concept of content marketing to business owners to give them a better understanding of what it is, how it works, the business benefits and how they can make it work in the context of their own business.
“The one thing I want to make sure takes place at each event is to continue to invite speakers who are content marketing practitioners in their businesses today. Typically when you go to marketing conferences and events and you’ll hear from marketing gurus and experts, but I want you to hear from other business owners just like you, who are doing the things that you know you know should be doing.CMAFinallogo
“For example, at TCMA 2014 we had business owners speaking who are successfully using podcasts and blogging as part of a content marketing strategy to build a relationship with their customers and engage their audience. I want to be able to showcase a business owner that’s not in a marketing agency or consultancy, but instead for you to understand how they have implemented the principles of content marketing to build a successful business.
“At TCMA 2015 we invited Marcus Sheridan to deliver a workshop and keynote presentation – he has an incredible and unique content marketing success story – this is exactly what other business owners need to hear.
“I want you to be inspired and motivated by the business owners’ stories around why they’re doing what they’re doing, but also to see that over the long term it actually does pay off and you will also believe that you will experience the same results.
“It’s one thing giving you the information about what content marketing is, but actually hearing the story and being able to provide the context of your own business around that story will, I hope, inspire you to take that action.
“I very much want the conference to not be about me, but about showcasing the success of other business owners, that will in turn give you the motivation and inspiration to take content marketing forward in your business.
“In reality, content marketing is not just the future, it’s now. A lot of people know about it and talk about it, but don’t actually do a lot with it, and that’s another reason why TCMA has been developed – to plug the gap between knowing, understanding, and implementation.”
This year’s speakers are set to include Richard Tubb, Bert van Loon, Colin Gray, and Kate McQuillan, among many others, and there will be plenty of opportunity for networking.
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