Events to provide clarity for SME leaders ahead of EU Referendum

Where can the SME community get clarity ehead of the EU referendum? asks membership group 

Answer: Edinburgh Business School, for one

As the EU Referendum on 23 June draws closer, a number of SMEs are still unclear on how leaving or staying in the EU will affect their businesses, according to independent chartered accountancy and law firm membership association The UK200Group.
After launching its own Campaign for Clarity in a bid to provide its members’ clients with the information they need to make the best possible decision for their businesses, The UK200Group has identified 10 key events taking place across the UK – including one at Edinburgh Business School – which are designed to provide further clarity ahead of the EU Referendum. In chronological order, they are:

1. May 31: Institute of Directors Wales EU Referendum Breakfast Debate, Cardiff

Robert Lloyd Griffiths OBE facilitates a breakfast debate with senior Welsh politicians and prominent business leaders.

2. June 2 and 3 (both 8PM): Sky News TV debates ‘EU: In or Out’

On June 2, Sky News political editor Faisal Islam will interview prime minister David Cameron on the Remain Campaign and on June 3 he will interview justice secretary Michael Gove on the Leave Campaign

3. June 2: Edinburgh Business School, ‘Facts and Impartial Analysis for the EU Referendum’

Professors Charlie Jeffery, David Bell and Juliet Kaarbo will speak about issues surrounding the EU referendum

4. June 6: BBC Two Victoria Derbyshire EU referendum debate, Manchester

A studio audience will quiz politicians from the Remain and Leave campaigns. Apply to attend here.

5. June 7, 11.30AM: World Trade Symposium Brexit Session 

At the World Trade Symposium at the London School of Economics, a ‘Brexit’ session will take place with Liam Fox and John Longworth of Vote Leave and Lucy Thomas of Britain Stronger in Europe

6. June 7, 6.30PM: Evening Standard debate at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Including Chuka Umunna MP, Daniel Hannan MEP and others

7. June 7, 9PM: Prime Minister David Cameron and UKIP leader Nigel Farage face each other in the first of two ITV live debates

Moderated by Julie Etchingham

8. June 13: Federation of Small Business debate

Moderated by BBC presenter Polly Evans, the debate will see Chuka Umunna MP and Richard Reed of Britain Stronger in Europe face Kwasi Kwarteng MP and John Longworth of Vote Leave

9. June 21, evening: Wembley Arena debate programme

Broadcast live on BBC One and moderated by David Dimbleby

10. June 22: ‘The Final Debate with Jeremy Paxman’, Channel 4

The guests have not yet been confirmed but with only hours to go before the polls open, this may be the last chance to hear the views of the Remain and Leave camps
The UK200Group also recently held a high-profile and heated debated between proponents of the Remain and Leave campaigns: Yvette Cooper MP and Lucy Thomas for Remain, and David Davis MP and Douglas Carswell MP for Leave.

Established in 1986, it represents a group of trusted, quality-assured business advisers – accountants and lawyers – who have over 150,000 SME clients in total. As such, the UK200Group acts as the voice for 1,500 charities, over 10% of all registered academies, more than 3,700 farms, 800 healthcare businesses and over 500 property and construction professionals.

Collectively, the UK200Group’s members support more than 150,000 SMEs.
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