First signs go up in preparation for Edinburgh’s new 20mph speed limits

Signs go up ahead of first phase of 20mph roll out

Signs and lines advertising the soon-to-be-effective new 20mph speed limit are being installed in parts of Edinburgh’s city centre and rural west area from this month.
20mph_leaflet-page-001Phase 1 of the rollout of a 20mph speed limit on all residential, shopping and city centre streets in the Capital will begin on 31 July 2016, when a Traffic Regulation Order formalising the reduction in the speed limit comes into force for the first zone.
Large 20mph signs will mark the entrance and exit of a 20mph area where the speed limit is changing.  These will be supplemented by smaller repeater signs or road markings with speed limit roundels.
Transport convener councillor Lesley Hinds said: “Edinburgh’s taking a hugely positive step in embracing slower speeds across so much of our city and we know that other cities in Scotland are keen to learn from our example. People will start to spot new 20mph signs around the city centre and rural west Edinburgh over the coming weeks as we get ready for the first phase of the 20mph roll-out to go live on 31 July. We’ll also be widely publicising the move to 20mph so that residents and visitors to the city will know where it applies.”
Rod King MBE, founder and campaign Director for 20’s Plenty for Us, said: “A 20mph limit for most roads is becoming the norm for UK’s iconic cities and it is good to see Edinburgh following the likes of Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Liverpool, etc. Already 15m people in the UK live in such places. And it’s happening internationally in Paris, London, Grenoble, Barcelona, Milan, Brussels and many more. Just last week Dublin also announced its 30kmh (18.5mph) limit plans.20mph_leaflet-page-002
“A 20mph limit makes a great walking city like Edinburgh an even better and more liveable place to be. It makes Edinburgh a great city to be holding our first Scottish 20mph conference on June 8th.”
Chief supt Kenny MacDonald of Police Scotland said: “Keeping road users safe is a priority in Edinburgh and we’re committed to working with partners to achieve this. Statistics show that reducing speeds reduces casualties, and we expect people to abide by the new legislation.20mph_leaflet-page-003
“As with all speed limits in the city, further action may be taken in areas where non-compliance is reported.”
The Ready for 20 Scotland Conference will be held by 20’s Plenty for us at the City Chambers on Wednesday 8 June 2016, sponsored by Transport Scotland and featuring presentations by City of Edinburgh Council, BRAKE, Living Streets Scotland, Police Scotland and Transport Scotland, among others.
Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland implementing a citywide 20mph network. The new limit aims to reduce the risk and severity of road collisions, encourage travel on foot and by bike and help make the city’s streets more people-friendly.
The phased roll out of the 20mph network is planned over 18 months between June 2016 and February 2018. The city centre and rural west Edinburgh form the first phase, with the installation of signs and lines commencing at the beginning of June.  Work is scheduled to take 8 – 10 weeks, with minimal disruption expected. The new speed limit for this phase becomes effective on 31 July 2016.
Approximately 50% of Edinburgh’s residential streets are already in 20mph zones. The project extends the 20mph speed limit to the city centre, main shopping streets and residential areas while retaining a strategic network of roads at 30mph and 40mph. View a map of the 20mph network and implementation timetable at
Large 20mph signs will define the entrance and exit of a 20mph area where the speed limit changes, followed by smaller repeater signs or road markings with speed limit roundels. Quick drying paint, with a traffic cone system will be used to install roundels at night.
20 speed limitPolice Scotland support lower speeds across the city and are working with the Council to achieve this. Other partners including NHS Lothian, Lothian Buses, Living Streets, Spokes and Neighbourhood Partnerships are working with the Council to deliver the strategy. A high level of publicity and awareness raising is scheduled around the time when the schools return in August and in September 2016.
Timetable for implementation
Speed limit applies from
City Centre and Rural West (South Queensferry, Kirkliston, Ratho, Currie and Balerno)
31 July 2016
28 February 2017
South Central/East
28 February 2017
North West
31 July 2017
31 July 2017
31 January 2018


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