Five reasons why business schools should invest more in ‘online’

Students who develop distance team and multicultural management skills early will be at a distinct advantage in the job market, says SKEMA

There are five distinct reasons why business schools should be investing more in ‘online’ learning, according to SKEMA, a global business school.

1) The ability to individualise student learning paths and feedback – This makes these processes more tailored toward the student and encourages their participation and engagement.

2) Allows a shift in the learning relationship from professor to community – Online and distance programmes encourage autonomous learning by allowing peers to review activities, adding value to their input and creating a more global dynamic.

3) The need to develop key competencies for global managers – Distance team and multicultural management skills are more crucial than ever in the global business environment. Students who develop these skills early will be at a distinct advantage in the job market.

4) The ability to offer new teaching experiences and challenges – This allows teachers to demonstrate their expertise through diverse and interesting methods of learning.

5) Online facilitates the development of a ‘continuous learning’ attitude – New and innovative learning tools and practices mean all activities are an opportunity to make links with fellow students and reflect on study topics collaboratively.

Sophie Gay Anger, who is head of Pedagogical Innovation, said: “Online courses are revolutionising the way business schools teach. Logistical problems such as organising seminars, workshops and courses across global campuses and time zones are currently impossible without a digital presence. Yet these online courses and platforms allow students around the world to join academic activity independently of time constraints.”

“Of course, blended and face-to-face courses still represent the major part of learning, but the work we are doing to pilot new ways to deliver online learning is demonstrating that it is possible to work together online as effectively as if they were in the same classroom together, a huge head start for those entering – or already working in – global careers. I believe that in five years’ time, it won’t matter where the student or teachers is.”

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