Janettas rolls out memorial scholarship for Madras students

Dean Watson has become the first receipient of the Fiona De Angelis Academic Scholarship named after co-owner Nicola Hazel’s mother

A St Andrews family, whose business has been operating in the town since 1908, has launched its own memorial scholarship.
Nicola and Owen Hazel of Jannettas Gelateria is rolling out an annual ‘Fiona De Angelis (nee Jannetta) Academic Scholarship’ to provide financial support to Madras College students embarking on further education to develop their skills and careers.
27773808852_8674d13ea5_o (1)The Hazels say the scholarship is of great significance to the family, four generations of which have either attended or currently attend Madras College – including Charlie Jannetta; Fiona De Angelis, Nicola Hazel’s mother, who was a pupil at the school between 1948 and 1954; Nicola Hazel herself, and the couple’s three children.
The first recipient of the new scholarship is 17-year-old Dean Watson, who will embark on a petroluem engineering course at Fife College after the summer.
Watson’s scholarship is well-deserved. He has been a carer since he was eight, looking after his mother, who is disabled and wheelchair-bound; his grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, and his three-year-old sister.
He is also part of the Fife Young Carers focus group and was nominated to speak on behalf of the Kingdom at Stirling University as part of the ‘Time to be Heard’ campaign.
Watson also raised funds for Motor Neurone Disease by fundraising for his former maths teacher, Donald Grewar, who suffers from the condition, and has volunteered for the Bethany Christian Trust, a charity for the homeless.
Prefect Watson said: “I am absolutely delighted, and humbled, to be awarded this scholarship, particularly to be the first recipient to do so.
“Jannettas has always been part of my childhood, and to be supported in my studies here in Fife by a local business is just fantastic.
“I enjoy making a difference to people’s lives and will do my utmost to honour the Jannettas family name.
“After my formal education is complete, I’d love to join the Royal Marines or the Army, and to serve people while exploring new opportunities for my own personal development.”
Nicola Hazel, trustee and co-owner of Jannettas Gelateria, said: “For four generations, my family have lived within the St Andrews community. At the heart of that community has been Madras College. It has seen four generations of the Jannettas family lineage come through its doors and thrive.
“Today we wish to celebrate and recognise our association and heritage within the town and its community by setting up an academic scholarship in my mother’s memory and name, to give a Madras College student the same opportunity that was afforded me and generations before me.
“We are delighted through our collaboration and association with Madras College to have awarded our inaugural scholarship to Dean, an extremely worthy and deserving candidate.
“We look forward to supporting Dean and following his progress throughout the scholarship period.”
David McClure, rector of Madras College, added: “I am truly delighted for Dean that he will be the first recipient of this very generous scholarship offer.
“It’s a wonderful gesture by Jannettas to give something back to the school which they feel has served, and is serving, their family and others in the community well.
“I have known Dean for three years and even taught him Mathematics last year while he was applying for his further education progression.
“His application for this scholarship was a true reflection of the challenges he has faced over the years and we believe this scholarship will help to support him in his future career.”
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