Scottish beef farmer debuts in new Lidl TV ad

Lidl sets out to turn anti-advocates into ambassadors with a bold new ad campaign featuring Scottish producers

A Scottish beef farmer is set to make his television debut during the first break of Coronation Street tonight (Monday, 4 June) when he appears in Lidl’s new ad campaign.
Perthshire farmer ‘John’, who supplies Lidl’s Deluxe Scotch Beef from Milton of Ruthven Farm in Blairgowrie, will appear in the first of a new series of ads designed to highlight the supermarket’s authenticity, provenenace and quality. Milton of Ruthven beef for Lidl by Emli Bendixen 229 copy
According to officials, the campaign, which has been created by New York-based global advertising network TBWA, will challenge the misconception that Lidl’s low prices must mean inferior quality.
Ahead of the campaign’s launch, Lidl approached real-life sceptics – sourced via social media and independent market research – to offer them a job for a day at the farms of a selection of Lidl suppliers.
The “anti-advocates” were then given the opportunity to see for themselves how Lidl’s products are produced, while their genuine experiences were filmed for the ad.
Tonight’s ad transports viewers to a farm in Perthshire to meet beef farmer John, who has been supplying Lidl with high quality Scotch Beef since 2010.
Anti-advocate Sharna joins John in the fields on his daily cow count, so that she can see for herself how well they are looked after and challenge him with her concerns about where they come from.
Milton of Ruthven beef for Lidl by Emli Bendixen 190 copyShe is surprised, and happy, to learn that John’s entire herd is born and bred in Scotland making them 100% Scotch Beef.
The second ad in the series will go live tomorrow (Tuesday), taking Chris, another anti-advocate, to meet one of Lidl’s mussel farmers at a fishery on the Isle of Mull.
Chris had questioned the provenance of its seafood, so Lidl took him out on the Scottish seas at dawn to show him exactly where and how his mussels are grown.
The fully integrated campaign will encompass TV, cinema, press, radio, digital and social.
It follows the success of Lidl’s Easter and Christmas campaigns, also created by TBWA. Both delivered strong bottom-line results with the Easter campaign helping Lidl to retain its place as the fastest growing supermarket, increasing sales by 17.7% to capture 4.4% of the market*.Milton of Ruthven beef for Lidl by Emli Bendixen 140 copy
Claire Farrant, advertising and marketing director, Lidl UK, said: “Research has shown us that to surprise our customers we now need to be deep rooted and transparent on where our products come from, particularly around our fresh produce. We’re known for our low pricing and we’re aware that this can lead customers to question our quality credentials.
“Our new #LidlSurprises campaign is the perfect way to help realign perceptions and we hope will gain the public’s trust by answering their questions. And safe to say Sharna and Chris are now complete Lidl converts!”Milton of Ruthven beef for Lidl by Emli Bendixen 132 copy
Andrew Chisholm, managing partner at TBWA, said: “It was an exciting and potentially risky strategy to introduce a real-life sceptic to the real farmers, and to real Scottish weather, then just let the cameras roll.
“But ultimately we had faith in the surprising truth behind Lidl’s quality sourcing credentials and it was amazing to see our anti-advocates transform into advocates.”
*According to Kantar World Panel June 2016.
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