St Andrews Land Train hits the road

Trial run will help plan for next year’s tourist season 

The LocalMotion Land Train is doing the rounds in St Andrews this week as part of a summer trial to help guage tourist demand for next year.
It’s been rolled out for a formal trial following a successful pilot during the Open Championship last year and will run between 25 and 31 July.
The attraction seats up to 60 passengers and runs from 11am till 5pm to give visitors an opportunity to see what St Andrews has to offer.
Passenger numbers will give BID St Andrews an indication of how many people would use it during a typical summer week to help plan how long it will return for next summer.
BID chair Alistair Lang said: “Following the success of the Land Train during the Open last year, we were keen to see how the train might operate at a more typical time of the holiday period.
“The train not only provides a visitor attraction to draw people to the town, but it also helps showcase what the town has to offer, increases footfall and visitor spend, improves the visitor experience, reduces pressure on parking spaces and makes the town more accessible for those with mobility difficulties.
“This additional trial will help us better assess how we might use the Land Train to achieve maximum value for money for levy-payers.
“I’m looking forward to seeing the many smiling faces of Land Train passengers again and hope it will make them return again after seeing the St Andrews’ highlight and encourage others to do so too.”
Following last year’s success, the Land Train’s summer trial route has been extended and its approximately hourly departures will run from West Sands Rd to the Old Harbour through the town centre with stops at the Cathedral on North St, The Shore and Madras College on South St.
Train stops are marked with special feather flags and feature timetables.
Each ticket will allow passengers one full circuit of the route and allow them to get on and off as they like – to visit the town’s attractions.
Local businesses, including The Adamson restaurant, Johnalan Hair Design and The British Golf Museum, are taking the opportunity to promote themselves through advertising panels on the sides of the train.
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