Queensferry Road falling rocks road traffic update

Traffic management to remain in situ for at least another week

Traffic management measures surrounding Queensferry Road in Edinburgh are to remain in place for at least another week until the area has been made safe.
That’s the message from the City of Edinburgh Council, which says the works being discussed will take a minimum of a week to carry out.
It follows work over the weekend, during which the contractor and surveyors identified and removed 2.5 tonnes of loose rock which could have easily fallen off the rock face.
The contractor and surveyors also identified several large areas of hollow fissured sections of rock which require major rock excavations to reduce the danger to the travelling public.
The Council says discussions are ongoing with the surveyor concerning the technical report, the start of the second phase of works, safe working options for operatives and the traffic management required to maintain safety for road users.
Night-time working options are being investigated to lessen the impact as the road may have to be reduced down to one lane each way.
Further updates from the Council are to follow.


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