Edinburgh innovators head for the Dragons’ Den

Retromixer set to pitch for five-figure sum 

Two Edinburgh innovators are hoping to tempt investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Nick Jenkins, Sarah Willingham and Touker Suleyman to part with a five-figure sum of cash when they appear on BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den this Sunday (4 September 2016).
University of Edinburgh graduate Artur Napiorowski and his business partner, Denny Schenk, are set to appear in Series 14, Episode 6 of the programme, which will air on BBC Two at 9pm, after making it through a tough initial pitching process with their innovative product ‘Retromixer’.
Together, they have created a new technology which solves an everyday problem for many. Their product is a mixing adapter for separate taps for hot and cold water which, as well as being convenient, improves sustainability by reducing water consumption by up to 50 per cent.
Polish-born Artur, who studied at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering, explained: “Separate taps are wasteful and considered by many to be extremely inconvenient.
“This is especially true of foreign visitors, expats, and international students, who aren’t used to this kind of set-up.
“Our product – Retromixer – is inexpensive, quick and easy to install. It’s also compatible with all kinds of spout shapes and is adjustable to different distances between the two taps.
“By connecting the two water streams, Retromixer reduces water consumption by up to 50 per cent.”
The dynamic duo, which developed Retromixer with the support of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation’s (ECCI) Low Carbon Ideas Lab, has already been shortlisted for a string of awards, such as The Vibes and LAUNCH.ed’s Inspire Launch Grow Innovation Cup, and came runner up in this year’s E-Club Pitching Competition.
It all really took off for the pair, however, when they launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform Indiegogo and successfully raised more than £4,000 to put Retromixer into production.
With 190 backers and 200 pre-ordered Retromixers, the team realised there was strong demand for such an adapter and produced their first batch of the product, which is now on sale in the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) shop at Kings Buildings Campus, as well as three other stores.
Artur and Denny are now keen to start producing and selling Retromixer on a larger scale and hope their appearance on Dragons’ Den will help to raise brand awareness.
Denny said: “We can’t believe we’ve made it onto Dragons’ Den and are really grateful for the opportunity.
“We hope that everyone will tune in and support us.”
See the Retromixer team in action this Sunday, 4 September on BBC Two at 9pm.
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