Edinburgh ranked 40th best place in the UK to make a living

Time to move? The top 10 best places in the UK to make a living don’t include the east of Scotland 

The east of Scotland has failed to make onto a top 10 list of the best places in the UK to make a living.
The Scottish city which came out top in the TotallyMoney.com study was Aberdeen – ranking 4th in the overall UK result.
Edinburgh came out at number 40, while Fife and the Lothians weren’t mentioned at all. Surprisingly, London ranked 52nd.
Glasgow and Dundee finished in 11th and 17th place respectively.
Other findings of the credit comparison site’s study, which looked at criteria such as employment rates, average wages and cost of living, outlined the following key points:
  • Having never been relegated from the top division of the Scottish league football system, Aberdeen tops the Scottish league for the best place to earn a living
  • Although ranked as the most expensive Scottish city, Aberdonians have the highest average income
  • Aberdeen combines low unemployment (4.9%) with strong job growth (6%)
  • Dundee has the highest unemployment rate (8.7%) of the four Scottish areas included, followed by Glasgow (8.5%), Edinburgh (5.5%) and Aberdeen (4.9%)
  • Out of the four Scottish cities included Glasgow ranks as the cheapest for housing
  • The four Scottish cities included in the study all finish higher than London:
The place which came out on top of the overall study was Burnley.
Interesting points found in the research:
  • Can’t quite make it to Burnley? Another North-west town – Wigan – was found to be the second best place in the UK to make a living. Whereas high rent prices and living expensive make London one of the worst places to make a decent living.
  • The coastal town of Hastings was found to be the worst place in the UK to make a living.
  • In terms of living expenses, Wigan is the cheapest place to live in the UK. London, unsurprisingly, is the most expensive.
  • Oxford might only be the 19th best place to earn a living in the UK, but it does have the highest job growth rate in the country at 9%.
  • If you want to be inspired by a buzz of activity then maybe you should move to York, as the northern city was found to have the lowest levels of unemployment.
The top 10 places to make a living in the UK are:
  1. Burnley
  2. Wigan
  3. Barnsley
  4. Mansfield
  5. Blackburn
  6. Telford
  7. Aberdeen
  8. Derby
  9. Sunderland
  10. Peterborough
TotallyMoney.com head of brand and communications Joe Gardiner said: “While scenery, shopping and a nice local pub are all important, people will always want to live in areas where they can be financially secure.
“This research shows us the true financial-health of an area, and that a town which offers high-paying jobs and expensive restaurants won’t necessarily be the best place to make a living.
“Here at TotallyMoney.com we are committed to making consumer credit fairer. We hope this research will allow people to make more informed decisions when looking for somewhere to live and allow them to take steps towards improving their financial situation.”

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