Are small businesses failing because of a fear or inability to sell effectively?

“The fear of selling is so great in some cases that it could make or break a company…”

Small business owners lack the confidence and competence to sell effectively – and they’re failing because of it.
That’s according to online selling platform provider Sasudi, which carried out a recent survey of 100 small business owners.
Seventy-five per cent of the survey’s respondents admitted that they find selling stressful – and 80% of these believe their aversion has a negative effect on their business.
These figures reflect attitudes to selling that many small business owners will recognise.
People who subscribe to Sasudi revealed similar reservations before taking up their subscriptions.
Asked: When you think about selling your products or services do you:
  • A) Jump up and down for joy, set your targets and work towards them?
  • B) Think about your targets and what problems might get in the way of you achieving them?
  • C) Think of selling as a challenging activity you must do or your business will struggle or die?
The subscribers answered:
  • A) 17%
  • B) 45%
  • C) 38%
They were also asked: When talking with your customers, do you:
  • A) Have a script in your mind which you generally keep the same?
  • B) Have a script in your mind and you make little changes to keep it interesting?
  • C) Say the things that you know are important though it comes out in a different way each time?
The responses were:
  • A) 2%
  • B) 98%
  • C) 0%
Leigh Ashton, co-founder of Sasudi, said: “Clearly, there’s a big fear of selling out there, and it’s holding small businesses back. Lack of confidence leads to lack of structure, lack of process and lack of motivation. We recognise all these symptoms, so we’re here to help small businesses owners get to grips with selling and give them more time doing what they do best.
“The fear of selling is so great in some cases that it could make or break a company. It doesn’t have to be this way.”


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