Fife-borne dairy firm delivers substantial growth for 21st anniversary

From humble beginnings in Fife, McQueens Dairies is now going from strength to strength from its new HQ in Glasgow 

A dairy firm which started as a basic milk round in Fife is now celebrating its 21st anniversary, with big plans for expansion.
McQueens Dairies, which is now based in Glasgow, now employs 194 staff across its six depots and plans to increase this to 300, as well as opening at least two new depots, over the next three years.
The third-generation family milk delivery firm, which has experienced a 25% increase in turnover year-on-year for the last three years, delivers milk to more than 50,000 residential and commercial doorsteps from Scotland down to the Midlands.
It has recently invested in a new processing facility at its head office, reversing the pattern of consolidation seen in the dairy industry over the last 30 years. More than 20 full time jobs have been created since its opening 14 months ago.
Founder and managing director Mick McQueen said: “Our growing customer list shows no sign of slowing, and our biggest problem is making people aware that such a service still exists. Our customers love the fact that our milk comes from British farms and that it’s delivered directly to their doorstep.
“Five years ago we had 30 employees and today we are just shy of 200. We have experienced 45 per cent growth year-on-year in staff numbers for the last five years and our aim is to grow by 50 per cent in the next three.
“Investing in our own processing facility provided us with the security of having control of the quantities of milk being produced and delivered. This allowed us to confidently expand our operations in Scotland and England, with two depots in Huddersfield and Mansfield launching in the last two years.
“We are now seeking to open a further two depots in England to increase our reach across the UK.
“It’s the continuing support of our customers that has allowed us to grow and create jobs. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.”
McQueens Dairies was founded in 1995 and alongside its headquarters in Glasgow, the company has opened bases in Cheshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.
The McQueen family started the business with a milk round in Fife. Finding that customers liked the approach of delivering the freshest milk and dairy products to their doorstep, the family opened their first office in Ladeddie Farm, near St Andrews.
From Fife, the company spread its wings across central Scotland, developing a loyal and supportive customer base in Glasgow, Edinburgh, The Lothians and Renfrewshire. In 2010 McQueens Dairies moved into state of the art food premises at M8 Food Park in Glasgow.
McQueen said: “It was only my wife and I, Meg, as well as the children for the first few years.
“We place huge emphasis on finding the right employees and treating them well. Our longest serving employee is Dave Falls, who was also our first member of staff after year three. And there are others who have been with us for more than 15 years.”
The five McQueen children – Ruairidh, Adam, Calum, Jamie and Anna – all have a hands-on role in the company.
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