Why your staff could hold the secret to cutting resource use (and energy bills)

Free 45-minute lunchtime webinar – Wednesday, 21 September 

Businesses are invited to register for a free webinar to find out how their employees could hold the key to resource efficiency and lower overhead costs.
They’re encouraged to sign up for the lunchtime session being hosted by Resource Efficient Scotland on Wednesday, 21 September between 12.30pm and 1.15pm to find out how to cut their energy, water and material use through in-house staff training. res-logo
Employee’s daily routines have a big impact on businesses’ resource use, and a significant effect on energy, water and material overheads.
Encouraging staff to improve their resource efficiency during every-day tasks is an effective way for businesses to unlock overhead savings and enhance environmental performance.
The 45-minute webinar will provide practical strategies for supporting colleagues to adopt more resource-efficient behaviours. This will include:
• Demonstrating the cost savings and environmental benefits of resource efficiency training for staff.
• Showing how and when to use company-wide training to lay the foundations for resource efficiency.
• Offering practical advice on helping staff to save money through resource efficiency at home, and encouraging them to transfer this behavior to the workplace.
• Providing a practical framework to develop bespoke resource efficiency training that will tackle businesses’ specific challenges.
• Presenting case studies on how businesses are training their staff, and the benefits they are getting from reduced resource use.
• Signposting free, resource saving tools.
• Offering specific advice in a live Q&A session.
Who should attend?
The webinar is for anyone who wants to enhance, or has direct responsibility for, environmental performance, as well as members of management teams engaged in organisational improvement.
It’s ideal for:
• health, safety and environment managers;
• environmental performance champions and green team members;
• compliance managers;
• facilities managers; and
• office and general managers.
Resource Efficient Scotland is a Scottish Government-funded programme committed to supporting SMEs in Scotland to reduce their resource use and costs.
For more information on Resource Efficient Scotland’s free support for businesses in Scotland to save money and improve environmental performance visit the website.

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