Commuters urged to ditch the wheels for World Car Free Day

How will you get to work this September 22?

Brake, the road safety charity, is encouraging drivers to try and ditch the car and use alternative forms of transport this World Car Free Day (22 September).
Its latest research shows that a quarter of car journeys (23%) are less than two miles – a distance which can easily be covered on foot or by bike.
It says average walking trips per person have decreased by 27% since 1995, with walking now making up just over a fifth (22%) of trips in Britain.
According to Brake, transport also accounts for a fifth (21%) of UK greenhouse gas emissions, with road transport making up the most significant proportion of this.
The charity believes that local authorities and the government should invest money in sustainable transport infrastructure which would provide a real alternative to the car.
It says this would benefit individuals financially, as well as improve the environment and our communities by reducing the number of cars and harmful vehicle emissions.
Alice Bailey, campaigns advisor for Brake, said: “In an ideal world we’d love all car users to change their attitudes and only use their vehicles when necessary rather than down to sheer convenience, as it currently is.
“However, that can only be done on a major scale and if there is significant investment in safer and cheaper alternatives. Many people are turned off walking and cycling due to how unsafe they feel and public transport often isn’t an adequate or a convenient alternative.
“Hopefully World Car Free Day will showcase how good our towns and cities look and feel without cars, while also putting pressure on the appropriate authorities to give priority and adequate investment to sustainable modes of transport.”
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