Ryden to launch UK’s first ratepayer guide to business rates

Property firm to roll out the Ultimate Guide to Business Rates & the 2017 Rating Revaluation

Property specialist Ryden is set to launch the ‘Ultimate Guide to Business Rates & the 2017 Revaluation’ on its website tomorrow (Thursday, 29 September) to give ratepayers comprehensive and up-to-date information on business rates and the 2017 Rating Revaluation for Scotland and England. 
It’s thought to be the only online guide of its kind and will cover rates relief, mitigation, and how rates are calculated, as well as the Revaluation process and Ryden’s top tips.
Tim Bunker, rating partner, said: ” We hosted seminars on rating earlier this year and the response from clients is that they need help to understand the issues and regular announcements from Government. We have responded by launching a new online guide, because until now, we believe there has been no ‘ready reckoner’ for ratepayers to consult.
“Our team of rating experts will update the Ultimate Guide as soon as announcements are made, ensuring ratepayers have a go-to resource to consult to answer their questions and clarify the often confusing messages surrounding business rates.”
For a preview of the Ultimate Guide, click here.
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