Scots spend more on technology than food shopping and debt repayments

Lothian residents top the poll as the region which spends the most money on nights out, spending an average £116 per month – £19 more than the national average

Scots spend more on technology and TV subscriptions than they do buying groceries or paying down debt, according to new research from Bank of Scotland.
The latest Bank of Scotland’s How Scotland Lives research found that an average £259 per month is spent on technology, 14% of the average national monthly salary of £1,828*. This is more than groceries or debt repayments, where they currently spend £250 and £226 respectively.
A snapshot of Scotland’s monthly spending habits:
Total amount spent per month
Percentage of average national take home monthly salary (*£1,828)
Mortgage or rent payments
Technology, TV subscriptions, broadband and mobile costs
Groceries/Food shopping
Paying off debts
Childcare costs
Pension contributions
Car costs
Adult care costs
Insurance premiums
Going out
Shopping for children
Shopping for themselves/a partner
Club membership
Regional spending habits of Scots
The How Scotland Lives report also went on to reveal that residents in Lothian topped the poll as the region which spent the most amount of money on nights out, spending an average £116 per month – £19 more than the national average.
The research also highlighted Lothian as the region which spends the most amount of money on themselves and their partners, with residents forking out an average £98 per month – £14 more than the national average.
As well as highlighting Lothian’s sociable side, the report also provided a comparison of what Scotland’s key regions spend more on, compared to other regions.
Residents in Aberdeen come out on top for rent, mortgage and car payments, while those living in Dundee spend the most amount of money on shopping for children.
Those living in Glasgow were found to spend the most on insurance premiums, while Highlands & Islands residents were revealed as spending the most amount of money on debt payment – and adult care costs.
A snapshot of Scotland’s key regional spending habits:
What it spends more on compared to any other Scottish region**
Mean expenditure (per month)
Comparison to the national average (£)
Insurance premiums
£8 more
Going out
£19 more
Shopping for themselves/a partner
£14 more
Highlands & Islands
Paying off debts
£50 more
Adult care costs
£66 more
Dundee & surrounds
Shopping for children
£14 more
Aberdeen & surrounds
Mortgage and rent payments
£104 more
Car payments
£36 more
Scotland’s debt doubts   
In addition to providing a snapshot of Scotland’s regional spending habits, the How Scotland Lives research report has highlighted the debt faced by many across the country.
In particular, 46% of Scots are carrying over at least some form of debt from the previous month.
More than half of debtors indicated they were concerned with their current financial position. This is particularly the case among 35-45 year olds, with 30% believing they will always be in debt.
Rachel Bright, head of customer services at Bank of Scotland, said: “It is clear from these findings that technology is the new household essential, and is no longer considered a luxury. This is not surprising as people want to use the latest tablets and smart phones to get “on demand” access to the services they need like television, shopping or online banking.
“The research also paints a picture of the level of consumer debt in Scotland. It’s concerning that almost half of Scots aren’t paying off their debts from previous months and we would always encourage people to look at other areas to see if they can make savings that will allow them to pay off more debt.”

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