What does Brexit mean for UK based Polish entrepreneurs?

Largest ever gathering of UK based Polish entrepreneurs to take place in London 

What impact will the impending Brexit have on Polish entrepreneurs living and working in the UK? This is just one of the questions that will be posed at the 2016 Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs taking place in London next week.
The Congress, which takes place on 19 October 2016, will be the largest ever gathering of UK-based Polish entrepreneurs, and will be mixture of seminars, talks and networking. The Financial Times Economic Editor, Izabella Kaminska, will be attending the event and giving a talk on the post Brexit economic outlook for small to medium sized businesses. Kasia Madera, BBC World News presenter, will also be running a discussion panel at the event.
Since 2014 Polish Business Link has been the facilitator of the Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in London attracting in excess of 200 business people.  This year the focus will be on business growth – how to speed it up; how to finance it; how can you go from being a local business to national, regional and international.  Are you a niche player or can you turn it into a mass-market business.
Conference organiser and director of Polish Business Link Bart Kowalczyk said: “Brexit will create new challenges for businesses in the UK. New opportunities will open up as others – such as EU funds for collaborative R&D – close. Polish entrepreneurs in the UK are renowned for their drive and determination, armed with the right know-how and benefiting from examples of best practice learned in the UK market, they will undoubtedly find new ways of growing their businesses and contributing to the UK’s economy.
“A team of world-class speakers has been assembled to give delegates an insight into what it takes to grow a large business including real-life case studies from entrepreneurs who been there and done it.”
Keynote speakers will include Michael Dembinski, chief adviser for the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Dr Arkady Józef Rzegocki.  Subjects which will be covered by the Congress include:
Britain after Brexit
From start-up to scale up
How to get in front of big companies without a big budget
Pitching for an investor
Keeping lean while scaling nationally and internationally
Growing your business through franchising
Case study session
In addition, the Congress will provide ample opportunities for networking and meeting the guest speakers on a one-to-one basis.  The Congress is held under the patronage of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, which encourages economic cooperation between Poland and the UK and is being hosted by NatWest Bank.
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