eWitness software to revolutionise legal and business admin

New cloud-based platform to speed up legal document processing 

Edinburgh start-up Legalesign, which provides secure esignature software, has launched a new product it claims will revolutionise workplace processes. 
The firm, which was borne out of the University of Edinburgh technology incubator, says it’s making history with the launch of its latest innovation: eWitness, which has been designed to speed up administration across the legal sector and business in general.
The product is said to be the first of its kind in the UK and allows documents which require a witness to be completed online.
Edinburgh Business School graduate Ben Eliott, who is the CEO of Legalesign, said: “The lengthy and arduous process of collecting signatures is consigned to the history books. E-signature technology is exactly the development businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage while slashing their costs.  eWitness is an exciting development for the digital economy and for what it can bring to business.”
Legalesign handles upwards of 1,500 contracts across the UK, EU and North America daily from its offices in Edinburgh and London.
It says that, through the company’s cloud-based products, businesses are taking giant leaps forward to improve their productivity, with 26.5% of contracts signed within five minutes, and more than 50% within 24 hours.


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