Ten steps to business resilience – how at risk are you?

New online help tool launches as dangers to Scottish businesses surge 

Businesses in Scotland are facing an unprecedented level of threat to their operations, according to a senior police chief and security expert at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC).
The warning comes from deputy director chief inspector Ronald Megaughin, who says the well publicised growth of cyber crime is compounded by the transition to paperless technologies and the increased reliance on IT systems. cyber_crime
The good news, however, is that businesses can better protect themselves by tapping into a free-to-use-self assessment tool developed in partnership by SBRC, the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, and Scottish Fire and Rescue to help boost resilience.
The online tool includes a series of questions designed to prompt internal thought about risk and risk appetite. According to the SBRC, it’s quick and convenient to complete and provides an automated resilience report detailing proportionate level of operational risk and suggestions for mitigation of identified risks.
Megaughin said: “The well-publicised growth of cyber crime means that Scottish businesses are facing an unprecedented number of external threats to their safe-running.
“This is compounded by the movement towards paperless technologies and the increased reliance on IT systems, along with the ease at which valuable information on the organisation can get into the wrong hands.
“The amount of advice out there can be overwhelming. We have worked in partnership with key bodies to provide a first stop shop resource that we urge all business owners to use – it could well highlight weaknesses that save them from a future crisis.”
The assessment covers the following topics: Keeping the show on the road; Information management; Cyber security; Protecting valuables; Looking after staff and customers; Selecting and keeping staff; Supplier management/Procurement; Fraud prevention; Understanding and managing risk, and Protecting the brand.
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SBRC says it’s also working towards developing a cyber hub for business in Scotland which would act as one trusted source of advice and cyber security services.
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