Dunfermline property repair service accredited for quality

Harvest Contracts becomes ISO9001 accredited with the help of IT Turning Point

A property repair service based in Dunfermline has demonstrated its commitment to better customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement by achieving full ISO9001 accreditation.
Harvest Contracts achieved the standard with the help of local IT training company IT Turning Point, which is also based in the town, in a bid to get the recognition it deserves for the quality service its clients receive every day.
Ian Thomson of IT Turning Point said: “Harvest Contracts Ltd got in touch with us at IT Turning Point to discuss the need for the ISO9001 accreditation. As a busy contractor and working in an industry where quality is held in high regard, they wanted to be certified and get the recognition for the quality that they were giving their clients each and every day.
“The quality was already there, they just wanted to formalise it. This can be done with a quality system and ISO9001 accreditation.
“Our professional associate Eileen Baird arranged a number of internal audits to check that the systems were being adhered to and that staff were not encountering any problems. Bumps in the road were smoothed out and an external evaluation date was arranged.
“When the final day rolled forward, the external verifier came and inspected the systems that Harvest had in place and was impressed. The ISO9001:2015 accreditation was achieved. Harvest and the team had done a fantastic job and now have certification to show for what they do each and every day.
“IT Turning Point, with the support of Eileen Baird, will be carryout out internal checks twice a year and the external auditor comes back once each year to re-issue the accreditation certificate. We think that Harvest have this all organised and we wish them all the very best in their future contracts.”


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