US coding event reverses liability nightmare with Edinburgh tech

CodeDay hackathon runs much smoother this year with the help of Edinburgh-based Legalesign’s innovate e-signature software 

Organisers behind an American student hackathon say they managed to cut queue waiting times from 30 minutes to three across 43 US cities and avoid what was previously a liability nightmare by using technology developed in Edinburgh.
StudentRND, a charity set up to inspire students to code, says previous liability waivers had been an administration headache for CodeDay. They were often forgotten by participants which would, in turn, create delays or force liabilities to be assumed by the organisation if the young person arriving without a waiver wasn’t accompanied by a parent who could sign.
But having integrated Edinburgh-based Legalesign’s electronic signature software into its registration process, CodeDay found that the number of students arriving without the waiver dropped to near zero and the team’s time spent on related issues was virtually eliminated.

Participants now get signed in and started in minutes and their enthusiasm for their app or game project is brought into the event undimmed by queuing frustrations.

Tyler Menezes, executive director of StudentRND, which runs CodeDay said: “From the student’s perspective, this is totally seamless and takes a few minutes at most. We reduced our liability by eliminating ~5% of students who attended without waivers and…check-in lines up to 30 mins long were cut to 2-3 minutes.”

Ben Eliott, CEO Legalesign, said: “Legalesign is proving to be a key benefit for event managers and especially for event registrations. In partnership with CodeDay and events companies we have developed new features so organisers can drop our electronic signature systems into their existing processes without fuss.”
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