Social enterprise movement changing how Fife does business

Council offers more support to social enterprises and third sector ventures 

The social enterprise movement is changing the way both Fife and Fife Council does business.
That’s according to the Council, which recently held two events – a funding seminar at Fife Renewables Innovation Centre and a Fife Social Enterprise Conference at the Adam Smith Theatre – offering busines support to social enterprises in the region.
The Economic Development Team says that, as the business community’s interest grows in setting up and running social enterprises, it has responded by increasing the number and scope of events designed to provide support and advice to this expanding sector.
It claims both of the above events have been hailed as successes in sharing best practice, innovation and techniques used by start-ups to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural and environmental issues.
It says social enterprise is a movement that’s radically changing how we do business – creating profitable, thriving ventures which are locally accountable, responsible and empowering, with 100% of the profits going to good causes.
Thomas McAlister of UnLtd, the UK’s leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs, said: “The Fife Social Enterprise Conference was a first class event. It was great to see so many social entrepreneurs and support agencies come together to network and learn from each other. I met innovative social entrepreneurs and hope to be able to support some of them with investment and support through UnLtd Scotland’s awards programme.”
The Conference, held as part of Fife Business Week 2016, attracted some of the best local and national agencies charged with supporting new and established social enterprises. A great level of business was discussed, with a number of new projects and collaborations being scoped out by the participants, backed up with support UnLtd, SENSCOT, Social Investment Scotland and Fife Council.
Lynne Ogilvie, manager at Fife Shopping Support Services, who found the events useful, said: “I was introduced to many people who were very interested in helping me.  As well as being more aware of the support and funding opportunities for Fife social enterprises, I have secured meetings with support organisations to discuss moving forward with my plans.”
Support is still available for those working in a social enterprise or enterprising charity.
For more information on the social enterprise sector and how to set up and run a sustainable enterprise, contact
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