Start-up to test contextual diary app with £99,370 SMART grant

Edinburgh start-up plans to tap into $4.4 billion lifestyle app market 

An Edinburgh-based start-up has secured a £99, 370 SMART: SCOTLAND grant from Scottish Enterprise to see if its contextual diary app is feasible in the real world.
Trisent, which has developed ‘Codi’, a self-writing personal diary that runs on a mobile phone, is set to use the funding to develop and test a beta version of the app which automatically publishes a daily diary without the user having to lift a finger.
It plans to launch a beta app in early 2017 to get feedback from early adopters and secure equity investment to fully develop and market a commercial version.
Dr Gordon Povey, CEO, serial entrepreneur and founder of Trisent, already has a track record of success when it comes to developing mobile technology and taking it to market.
A previous venture, which deployed continuous location technology for mobile phones without relying on expensive GPS hardware, was sold to telecom software specialist Artilium plc for £1.7 million in 2008.
Povey said: “This current grant from Scottish Enterprise, along with my own investment, has enabled us to launch the new company and engage with our software development partner, Planys Mobile, to fully develop the beta app and conduct extensive user tests.
“I developed and tested the first self writing diary app more than a decade ago when smart phones were in their infancy. However, not many people had suitable phones then and mobile data networks were not reliable, so it was not commercially viable.
“In the past decade the technology has improved significantly and almost everyone has a smartphone. There is emerging competition in the form of lifelogging apps but Trisent’s app is very different because of the unique self writing diary algorithms that are being developed.”
Jim Watson, Innovation and Enterprise Services director at Scottish Enterprise, said: “We are delighted to support Trisent as it further develops this exciting new mobile technology. Our SMART: SCOTLAND grants help SMEs tap into the support and resources available so that research and development projects can quickly get off the ground. We wish Trisent every success as they develop and market their unique diary app.”
Steven Wexelstein, co-founder of Dunfermline-based Planys Mobile, Trisent’s development partner, said: “How many people wish they could keep a diary but don’t have the time? Initially, this product is aimed at the lifestyle app market but there could be exciting extensions in the tourism and business app market.
“We are delighted to be working with Trisent on this project as we see a massive potential for the diary app as well as other apps that can be built on Trisent’s core technology.”
To find out more about SMART: SCOTLAND grants from Scottish Enterprise to fund R&D (Research & Development) projects and feasibility studies, click here.
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