Free on-site business resilience support for every SME in Scotland

Help to tackle cyber crime, major incidents, terrorism, drug awareness and dangers posed by staff 

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) has pledged to offer free support to every SME in Scotland to help arm them with the tools they need to tackle cyber crime, terrorism and drug awareness.
The organisation says it’s hitting the road again with its series of free events to tackle the most pressing issues threatening Scotland’s 341,000 SMEs.
It’s offering free expert on-site resilience advice and guidance to every business in Scotland through its outreach programme, which it says proved a huge success last year.
Businesses, which are only required to provide the venue, are being encouraged to apply to learn from law enforcement and business security advisors on topics such as major incident management, counter terrorism and the dangers posed by staff.

Deputy chief executive of the SBRC, chief inspector Ronald Megaughin, says he is hoping the service, which is backed by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland, will be widely embraced by Scotland’s business community.

He said: “Time is a hugely precious resource for the owners of businesses of all sizes – and indeed their employees.

“This makes it often difficult to keep track of updates across ever-changing threats such as cyber crime, drug offences or even the dangers posed by staff themselves.

“It also means attending events and external training is not always feasible and this is why we launched the programme – and we are excited to be hitting the road again to offer it.”

Megaughin added: “The range and scope of the topics offered mean that the visits will be as relevant to small businesses in Orkney  as a multi-national businesses based in Aberdeen.

“We’re committed to creating a secure Scotland for business to flourish in – and to do this it is especially important that we are able to reach businesses across the land, who we hope will embrace and gain real benefits from this outreach programme.”

A full breakdown of the topics covered:
– CYBER CRIME AWARENESS. This presentation will explain the real risk all businesses face from cyber crime and the simple steps that businesses can take to minimise this risk.
– 10 STEPS TO A SAFE, SECURE AND RESILIENT BUSINESS. Highlights key areas for businesses to proactively check their systems, procedures and premises for resilience against unexpected and disruptive events. Also provides an introduction to our new online ‘10 Steps to Business Resilience’ self-assessment tool.
– PROJECT GRIFFIN 2. Project Griffin 2 is the national counter terrorism awareness initiative produced by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office to protect UK cities and communities from the threat of terrorism. There are a number of different modules in Griffin 2, and depending on the nature of your business or on the composition of the audience, these modules can be tailored to suit your business requirements.
– INSIDER THREAT. Employees, either intentionally or unintentionally, can be the biggest risk to your business. This presentation will provide guidance on how businesses can minimise the risk posed internally by rogue employees and the importance of key processes around the recruiting, retaining and dismissal of staff.
– LONE WORKING AND PERSONAL SAFETY. This presentation will focus on advice for front line staff who work alone (how to stay safe, de-escalation strategies etc.) but can also be tailored to provide advice to employers (addressing duty of care, the need for clear policies and practice etc.).
– DRUGS AWARENESS. This event can be delivered on 2 levels with advice for front line staff that may come into contact with illegal drugs or those under the influence of illegal drugs, and advice for employers on the obligations placed on them in terms of their duty of care, policies and prescription drugs.
– INCIDENT MANAGEMENT. This workshop will focus on how your company can respond to major incidents or events effectively and ensure that you return to business as usual as quickly as possible. Again this can be tailored to suit both employees and employers.
The free support is available until March 2017.
To find out more, or to apply, contact SBRC on 01786 447441 or email


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