Hoppecke launches Scotland’s first battery maintenance service

German-based industrial battery specialist expands its Scottish operations 

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has expanded its operations in Scotland by launching the country’s first dedicated battery maintenance service specialising in products such as lead acid, fibre nickel cadmium (FNC), lithium-ion (LiOn) and explosion-proof batteries.
The global battery specialist, which is based in Germany, is replacing its outsourced service contractors in Scotland with dedicated Hoppecke engineers, who are now able to deliver a direct maintenance service to customers north of the border for the first time.
The company, which is the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership, has expanded its team of service engineers with two new appointments and taken on six new additional members of staff across the UK, including in key positions such as contract and sales administration and supply chain support.
It says these latest additions to the company’s service team will make sure Hoppecke remains the only battery manufacturer capable of offering a four-hour response rate to customers, wherever they are based.
It claims boosting the team also means Hoppecke will continue to provide immediate on-site solutions to customers’ problems in 93% of cases.
Hoppecke isalso looking to recruit further specialists in the reserve power sector, an area which it says is becoming increasingly important for the firm, as well as another service engineer in the south west of England.
The firm says the move underlines how important the Scottish market is to the company and means it will now have much greater control over making sure its customers receive the right engineering quality standards in terms of battery use.
Jason Howlett, managing director of Hoppecke UK & Ireland and regional managing director of Western & Northern Europe, said: “I’m delighted that we can now offer a much more direct and personal engineering service to our customers in the crucially important Scottish marketplace. As we recruit more top quality staff we will be able to continue to improve the standard of services that we deliver to users of our energy solutions throughout Scotland.
“This continuing expansion of our service engineering team is great news for customers and comes at the end of a fantastic year for us where we have seen our market share increase significantly. Enquiries are at a record high across our whole product range, including our green energy solutions based around renewable energy sources.”
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