Upbeat Edinburgh workers and residents bust ‘Blue Monday’ myth

No January blues for those in the Capital, who are, instead, planning their next adventure, claims Jet2holidays which is expecting record breaking booking numbers over the weekend and into Monday 

Despite approaching what is apparently the most-depressing day of the year, new research from package holiday specialist Jet2holidays suggests that, this year, people in Edinburgh are taking it in their stride by throwing off the memory of a gloomy 2016 and taking steps to have a happy and action-packed 2017.
With a quarter (28%) of those questioned in the city saying they are glad to see the back of 2016, just 6% expect to feel down on Blue Monday. Over a fifth (21%) claim to not know what Blue Monday even is. Instead, nearly two thirds (65%) report that far from feeling blue, they are approaching the day feeling happy for the year ahead, as they move on from the gloom of last year and make positive changes for a happier and healthier year.
Figures show that as well as getting fit, taking up new hobbies, and eating well this month, 66% of people in Edinburgh will waste no time in booking a holiday, with 30% even jetting off somewhere in January. This is backed up by Jet2holidays data, with the company expecting record-breaking booking numbers over the weekend and into Monday.
The survey, shows that a third (33%) of people are booking beach holidays in January – and although bookings data shows that Majorca, Spain and the Canary Islands are the crowd favourites, Jet2holidays is also reporting a huge spike in bookings to city break destinations such as Budapest, Vienna and Split from Edinburgh Airport.
What’s more, it seems our sense of adventure is stronger than ever in 2017, with more than half of the city (56%) planning to experience new holiday destinations, with Costa de Almeria, Girona and Halkidiki – all new routes from Edinburgh Airport this summer -fast becoming the latest hot spots according to Jet2holidays data.
TV psychologist Honey Langcaster-James said: “January is traditionally seen as a month for making a fresh start with new ambitions set and life-affirming initiatives begun. Unfortunately, the winter weather, the long period between pay cheques and the return to the daily grindstone has generally left people feeling less positive by mid-January
“However, this research suggests we are now more resilient and motivated than ever to take action and make our own happiness. Starting a new hobby, getting fit and planning things to look forward to such as trying a new holiday destination is a great way to combat those January blues.”
Planning a holiday is cited as the fifth most popular activity to do in January, which is supported by Jet2holidays bookings. The company is predicting a fourfold increase on normal booking volumes, a significant increase on peak periods last year. In response, the company has increased capacity in its call centre and online and social media teams.
Zoe Towers, head of product at Jet2holidays, added: “This time of year has always been a popular time for bookings, but this year we’re expecting a surge of bookings over the weekend and into Monday. We’ve prepared for this demand by increasing the number of customer support staff, both in our call centres as well as in our online and social teams to help with enquiries.
 “This year seems to be a year of exploration, with people in Edinburgh choosing to book new destinations as well as popular hotspots and we’re seeing this with ‘off the beaten path’ destinations such as Halkidiki, Costa Brava and Costa de Almeria proving very popular. With this appetite to get out, do things and see the world it means that the phrase ‘Blue Monday’ feels a bit wide of the mark this year, and this research certainly shows that.”
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