Fife mum celebrates year in business with city expansion

All things bright and beautiful… Dunfermline fempreneur Gill Schofield has never looked back since launching her own cleaning business 12 months ago 

A Dunfermline mum has doubled the size of her business is set to expand into Edinburgh just 12 months after launching her own housekeeping service.
Gill Schofield says she was inspired to launch her own venture in 2016 after failing to find a local cleaning company which met her high standards. Now, her Bright & Beautiful domestic cleaning and homecare franchise is not only managing homes across Dunfermline, but is also about to expand to deliver ethical, professional and eco-friendly cleaning, tidying and laundry in other areas of Scotland.
After a year in business, Schofield now employs seven housekeepers – servicing 38 clients in Dunfermline – and has been named as a finalist in the Excellence in Customer Service category of the Fife Business Awards.
To mark her first anniversary, she is now expanding into Edinburgh where she has already taken on two housekeepers and a number of clients. She has also brought son Alexander into the business part-time to work alongside her.
Schofield says has also been using her business to support the local community and, in December 2016, her housekeepers gifted 50% of their Secret Santa budget to the Cash for Kids Mission Christmas appeal to make sure local children living in poverty got a gift for Christmas.
Her business will also be supporting UNICEF and she says she is committed to helping the cause to alleviate the suffering of innocent children world-wide.
Before starting her own business, Schofield, who has lived in Dunfermline since 1998, enjoyed a varied career in both sales and marketing and human resource management roles. During that time she tried a number of cleaning companies to care for her family home but says she was usually left disappointed and feeling that she could have done better herself.
She said: “Like many people I had thought about starting my own business for years but the ‘eureka’ moment came when I just couldn’t find a cleaning company that could deliver the high standards and eco-friendly practices that I was looking for.
“Taking that as my inspiration just a year ago, I’m so proud to have been able to create and grow a business that now delivers a quality service for dozens of families and that has also created jobs for nine local people.
“A million more people are using cleaners today than a decade ago, thanks to our increasingly busy lives, and the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning, washing and ironing in your precious free time.
“I knew from personal experience there was a real gap in the market for an eco-friendly and ethical professional housekeeping service in Dunfermline and Edinburgh and we want to continue to grow and create family friendly jobs to meet that demand.”
Bright & Beautiful is an award-winning business model which was founded by entrepreneur Rachel Ray in 2007. A busy working mum herself, Ray spotted a gap in the market for a domestic cleaning company that provided full fair employment rights for its team, non-toxic cleaning products and an exceptional housekeeping service for its clients.
Since then the business has grown from strength to strength with franchisees around the UK employing carefully vetted professional housekeepers and servicing thousands of clients.
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