Hundreds condemn ’emergency’ Trump march in Edinburgh

Hoards of online readers have taken to Facebook and the Edinburgh Evening News website to express their distaste at today’s planned protest at The Mound 

Hundreds of people from both sides of the Atlantic have taken to social media to condemn today’s (Monday, 30 January) planned ’emergency’ march against Donald Trump in Edinburgh.
One Facebooker wrote:I am from Edinburgh but live in the US and can’t fathom for the life of me why people in Scotland are protesting. I can guarantee no one over here protests about British politicians so why on earth do they care – isn’t there anything wrong with the UK that they can protest about which might make a difference? Trump doesn’t care about the protests here so why would he care about folks in another country protesting? Find something more worthwhile to protest about!”
Another said: “So all these protesters are gathering en masse at The Mound to march in protest against Donald J Trump – WHY? Regardless of what your opinion of the man is, he was elected democratically as the 45th President of The United States Of America. Deal with it and move on with your lives. Your attention seeking nonsense will accomplish nothing.”
A commentator on the Edinburgh Evening News website said: “Emergency, what ’emergency’? It’s none of our business.”
Read the full story, including comments, on the march here: Emergency march against Donald Trump planned for Edinburgh – Edinburgh Evening News 
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