Livingston apprentices take on new Carbon Coach training

Esh Border Construction gets the green light for sustainability after launching the company’s carbon conscious training programme at its new Livingston base

Esh Border Construction has launched a ‘Carbon Coach’ training initiative at its new Livingston base to help young apprentices become the environmentally driven workforce of tomorrow.
Its youngest team members have embarked on the new Esh Group Carbon Coach Course – funded by the Construction Industry Training Board – to learn about climate change, energy usage, and low carbon design.
The West Lothian trainees are among the first 10-strong cohort to undertake the course, which has been designed to equip tomorrow’s construction workforce with the skills needed to achieve industry and Government carbon reduction targets.
The online learning programme – combined with on-site experience – comprises four modules and helps to identify energy-saving opportunities within the workplace.
According to Esh Border Construction, which is part of the Esh Group, it’s geared towards the Government’s 2025 objective of “driving carbon out of the built environment.”
Apprentice Ashleigh Day said: “I’m really looking forward to undertaking the full Carbon Coach course and deepening my knowledge of how to realise greener projects and better everyday work practices.
“At all levels of the company, we are increasingly aware of the necessity of driving better energy usage and lowered carbon in everything we do – and this course is a great way to reinforce that for the future.”
Rita Callender, business development manager at Esh Group, said: “It’s exciting to see the first group of apprentices start Esh Group’s Carbon Coach Course.
“In a year’s time they will have acquired the skills and mind-set needed to put energy usage at the centre of their construction careers.
“This early intervention will set them up with a consciousness of energy usage and how it impacts the environment. Throughout their careers, they’ll innovate to lower energy usage.
“Many Esh Group clients want us to measure carbon reduction on their projects, and by introducing this programme, we are ahead of the curve.”
Along with the theory behind climate change, apprentices will be introduced to practical skills including ISO50001 energy management systems implementation systems, and ‘designing out’ carbon on sites.
The online course has been developed in-house by Esh and will train up apprentices alongside its core discipline.
Around 50 apprentices in total will take the course over its initial lifespan, but Esh expects to expand its reach following the pilot stage.
Brian Manning, chief executive of Esh Group, added: “Esh Group is guided by its core values, which include forward thinking and ethical working.
“Our environmental responsibility is a key part of those core values. By training 16-18 year-olds now, we’ll make sure they influence change and challenge working practices throughout their careers – keeping us at the forefront of sustainable construction that is sympathetic to the environment.”
Esh Border Construction launched its new Livingston base earlier this month in a move it says is a key strategic lynchpin for the business as it looks to build on its success in Scotland.
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