Fife gears up for Brexit talks as Article 50 edges closer to fruition

Fife Brexit Business Advisory Group meets for the first time to discuss implications of leaving the EU 

With the triggering of Article 50 just two months away, the Fife Brexit Business Advisory Group has held its first meeting to shape Fife’s response to the opportunities and challenges arising from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.
Covering areas such as attracting students and research, funding for employability and business support, attracting and retaining talent and investment, the group reinforced the need for the newly developed Fife Economic Strategy 2017-2027  to prioritise making Fife the best place to do business during, and after, the Brexit process.
Council Leader, Councillor David Ross, chair of the group, said: “Today we agreed priority areas to consider as the UK and Scottish Governments approach negotiations with the EU. In pulling this Advisory Group together, Fife Council wanted to ensure that we were in a position to articulate and contribute a strong Fife voice to this ongoing debate.  We have agreed to work together, across a range of sectors, to understand the impacts on the labour market in the Kingdom, promote investment and understand the risks, and opportunities, that the Brexit decision will mean for Fife”.
Alan Mitchell, chief executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, added: “We will develop a response which assists the needs of Fife’s diverse businesses. There are opportunities, as well as impacts, and by working together, we will be well prepared to face these with a collective voice.”
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