Commsworld makes its big screen debut behind the scenes at T2

How the Edinburgh-based firm helped Trainspotting 2 choose the Bathgate Pyramids as a filming location 

By now you may have seen the second installment in the film franchise which is being hailed an Edinburgh institution and box office smash, but what you may not know is what went on behind the scenes to make Trainspotting 2 (T2) such a huge success.
The reality is that TS2 Productions, the outfit behind the blockbuster film, was only able to relocate its entire production team from London for on-site filming by setting up home in Bathgate thanks to a bespoke network connection provided by Edinburgh-based Commsworld.
According to Commsworld, the production company was attracted to the Pyramids in Bathgate after realising the telecommunications network provider could provide a temporary, ultra-fast and tailored fibre dedicated service.
It says this dedicated service network, which operated at a constant 50MB per second, was critical in relaying unedited footage from the shoot.
By providing a dedicated service, as opposed to shared broadband, Commsworld could guarantee that the connection never dipped due to overuse by others connected to the network.
Jane McVey, business development manager at Commsworld, said: “It’s really gratifying to have played a part in keeping one of the year’s biggest films in Scotland.
“Commsworld engineers have been working on the site from the get-go and were busy installing outlets and cabling while the sets were going up. We’ve even bumped into Danny Boyle and Robert Carlyle.
“The film is great and it added a little extra seeing the sets we had come across on screen.”
Feedback from the production was that a quick and temporary dedicated fibre service was essential for any soundstage the cast and crew would be using.
Commsworld says very few studios can offer this, but the Pyramids, which is one of its permanent clients, was able to offer half of its bandwidth – a speedy 50 Mb – on a short term contract rather than a 12-month agreement.
Ricky Nicol, chief executive of Commsworld, said: “We were absolutely delighted to be offering our bespoke service to this international phenomenon rooted in Scottish culture.
“From Wi-Fi for the cast and crew to cabling and outlets we spent four weeks ensuring that the internet provision was tailored perfectly to the needs of the production.”
This contract was more than a slight change of pace from Commsworld’s last cinematic exploit at the Pyramids where the Edinburgh firm was involved in servicing CBeebies film ‘Eve’.

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