Edinburgh Airport tops poll of most improved brands since 2015

Airport crowned number one in YouGov’s annual BrandIndex rankings 

Edinburgh Airport has been recognised as the most improved brand within the European airport sector in YouGov’s annual BrandIndex rankings.
It has been crowned number one in the Top Buzz Rankings, which polled 38,000 respondents, asking “Have you heard anything positive/negative about the brand in the last two weeks through the news, advertising, or talking to friends and family?”
The Buzz Improver Rankings ranks airports with the highest increase in their ‘Buzz’ score year-on-year.
Gordon Dewar, Edinburgh Airport’s chief executive, said: “Edinburgh Airport has had a tremendous year in 2016 – and being top improver for the airport sector in YouGov’s annual BrandIndex rankings is great news.
“Last year we handled a record 12.4 million passengers with more people using Edinburgh Airport which now has direct connections to more destinations than ever before.
“We have created 100s of new jobs at the airport in our expanding aero operations and also in our growing airside retail development space.
“Our commitment to using technological advances to improve the management and flow of passengers through the airport – including baggage check in and the security hall – has made the passenger experience better.
“And we’re not planning to stop there. Delivering growth through choice is our strategy and we believe it will continue be attractive to our passengers as we work to keep improving the range of direct international connections and upgrade the passenger experience at Edinburgh Airport.”
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