Edinburgh security firm rolls out ‘Big Red Button’ phishing solution

Quorum Cyber launches end-to-end phishing and countermeasure service 

Quorum Cyber, which is part of Edinburgh-headquartered Quorum Network Resources, has launched a ‘Big Red Button’ Phishing Service in response to new research which shows that more than £32 million has been reported to be lost as a result of CEO fraud alone.
It’s rolling out an end-to-end phishing protection and countermeasure service, which it says implements cutting-edge analytics and threat intelligence capabilities, empowering staff to send suspicious emails to its Cyber Security Operations Centre (C-SOC), where a series of proprietary technologies and a team of security analysts will respond to the attack and keep companies protected.
According to Quorum, phishing is a problem companies cannot afford to ignore. Technological challenges are changing on an almost weekly basis and phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and creative.
It points out a recent report from the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), which shows that over £32 million has been reported to be lost as a result of CEO fraud alone.
It claims the security industry has focused on the first steps of the solution; user education and testing, putting all the responsibility on the user.
But the firm says Quorum Cyber has developed a ‘Red Button Service’ which provides the missing piece of the puzzle: an active response and protection capability against phishing.
Established in 2016, Quorum Cyber is a dedicated security company, offering end-to-end managed solutions and consulting.
Quorum Cyber undertakes IT and Security transformation programmes, as well as help businesses reduce the burden of IT and security resources either by our managed services offerings or by providing vetted and trusted resources.

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