Virgin Trains launches world’s first ticket tattoo for travellers

Travellers from Edinburgh and Glasgow can now have their train tickets permanently tattooed on their bodies

Virgin Trains has launched a new contactless ticket system, offering customers the opportunity to have their train ticket permanently tattooed on their body, preventing season ticket passengers from ever losing their tickets again.
Following the success of the eTicket scheme launched in August 2016, Virgin Trains found that passengers welcome developments that make journeys more straightforward, with just under half of customers suggesting they would opt for eTicket over a paper ticket.
New consumer research revealed that 62% of customers lose their ticket at least once a year, so Virgin Trains set experts on a mission to develop a new contactless technology to combat the issue.
A crack team of scientists, engineers and some of the UK’s finest tattoo artists rolled up their sleeves to develop a solution, Tick-InkTM. Using magnetic tattaniumTM ink, a unique ticket code is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin, so customers who need to get somewhere in a hurry, can save themselves some time.
John Sullivan, Chief Innovation Officer at Virgin Trains, said: “Here at Virgin Trains, we pride ourselves on the innovations we have brought to the rail industry and we like to ensure that our customers have the most comfortable and enjoyable journey possible.
“We receive hundreds of calls from customers about missing or misplaced season tickets every year and we wanted to provide people with a clever way of always having their ticket on them. What better way than to have it permanently tattooed on their body?”
Professional tattoo artists will be available to apply Tick-InkTM at all major stations, including Edinburgh and Glasgow, across the East and West Coast routes from 1 April 2017.
Well done to one of our readers, who spotted this as an April Fool.
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